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    Shinyoung Puffed rice snack 100g/신영제과 뻥과자 100g

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    Product description

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    Product Features

    "Puffed rice" is a snack or cereal made by processing grains (usually rice) under high temperature and pressure, causing them to expand or "puff" up. It is characterized by its large, light, and crunchy texture, often used as a cereal or snack.

    Key Information

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    Manufacturer & Country/Place of Origin

    Shinyoung Confectionery / South Korea

    Nutrition Info

    Nutritional content per 100g: Energy (kcal): 377 Carbohydrates (g): 79.5 (Total sugars: 0) Protein (g): 11 Fat (g): 1 Sodium (mg): 122 Cholesterol (mg): 0 Total saturated fat (g): 0 Trans fat (g): 0

    Main Ingredients

    Nutrient Rice (88.29%): Used as the main ingredient in the snack.

    Pumpkin (10%): Provides rich flavor and color to the snack.

    Rice Flour (1%): Used to adjust the texture of the snack.

    Soybean Oil (0.5%): Oil necessary for frying the snack.

    Refined Water (0.2%): Used to make the dough for the snack.

    Sodium Saccharin (0.01%): Used as a simple sweetener for the snack.

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    Shinyoung Puffed rice snack 100g/신영제과 뻥과자 100g

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