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    Seafood Noodles 1kg/다미 천사채 1kg

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    Product description

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    Product Features

    1. This is a low-calorie food made from extracts of kelp and seaweed.
    2. The cooking method is simple, making it convenient for use in restaurants or homes.

    Delicious Eating Methods:

    1. Dami Angel Salad: Rinse Dami Angel in cold water, drain thoroughly. Season lightly with vinegar, sugar, and salt, then add sliced vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, etc., and mix with mayonnaise.
    2. Dami Angel Cold Salad: Rinse Dami Angel in water, drain thoroughly. Slice cucumber, bell pepper, imitation crab meat, carrot, etc., and serve with mustard sauce for a tangy-sweet flavor.
    3. It is recommended to use it for various stews and side dishes.

    Key Information

    Actual product may come in different packaging depending on the stock availability
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    Manufacturer & Country/Place of Origin

    Dami Foods / South Korea

    Nutrition Info

    Serving Size: 100g Energy: 25 kJ / 6 kcal Carbohydrates: 1.50g    - Sugars: 0.00g Protein: 0.50g Fat: 0.00g    - Saturated Fat: 0.000g    - Trans Fat: 0.000g Cholesterol: 0mg Dietary Fiber: 1.1g Sodium: 93mg Potassium: 13mg

    Main Ingredients

    Purified Water 93.5%, Sodium Alginate (from China) 6%, Calcium Carbonate 0.4%, Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate 0.1%
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    Seafood Noodles 1kg/다미 천사채 1kg

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