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    Lotte Baekhwasubok Rice Wine Sake 1.8ml/롯데 백화수복 1.8ml

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    Product Features

    How to Drink Baekhwasubok

    Baekhwasubok can be enjoyed at various temperatures, as each temperature brings out different flavors. Drink it according to your preference.

    For warm Baekhwasubok: When drinking Baekhwasubok warm, heat it gently. Similar to warming sake at a yakitori restaurant, try warming it and tasting the alcohol flavor. At home, it's typically heated before drinking. Finding the right temperature can be challenging. Some warm it in the bottle, while others warm it in a small container placed in a pot of hot water. Despite trying various methods to adjust the temperature, achieving the desired warmth is the most difficult. The optimal temperature is around 60 degrees Celsius. If the temperature exceeds this, the alcohol and aroma may dissipate, and drinking it while it's too hot can make it difficult to enjoy the full flavor of Baekhwasubok.

    Key Information

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    Manufacturer & Country/Place of Origin

    Lotte Chilsung / South Korea

    Main Ingredients

    Purified water Rice (100%) Malt syrup Other sugars Corn syrup Citric acid Lactic acid Yeast
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    Lotte Baekhwasubok Rice Wine Sake 1.8ml/롯데 백화수복 1.8ml

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