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    Samyang Original Ramyeon Pack 120gx5ea/ 삼양라면 오리지널 멀티 120gx5개입

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    The original ramyeon since 1963, Samyang Ramen has been loved ever since its release! With a base inspired by army stew, it offers just the right level of spiciness and rich, deep broth that anyone can enjoy! It's a hearty meal that you can enjoy without any hesitation. Strengthening the elasticity and chewiness of the noodles by sticking to the basics, it prevents the noodles from getting soggy and provides a chewy and soft texture! With a mild spiciness and a 30% increase in flakes, enhancing the flavor of vegetables such as mushrooms, the broth becomes even richer and deeper.

    Key Information

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    Manufacturer & Country/Place of Origin

    Samyang Foods/ South Korea

    Nutrition Info

    Nutritional Information (% Daily Value) Sodium 1,780 mg (89%), Carbohydrates 79g (24%), Sugars 5g (5%), Fat 16g (30%), Trans Fat 0g, Saturated Fat 8g (53%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 10g. Contains milk, soybeans, wheat, pork, chicken, beef, shellfish (clams, mussels).

    Main Ingredients

    Noodle: Wheat Flour (Australian, American), Modified Starch, Palm Oil (Malaysian), Refined Salt (Domestic), Potassium Carbonate, Alkali, Glycerol Ester of Fatty Acids, Onion Extract, Soup Flavor, Green Tea Flavor Oil, Vitamin B2, Citric Acid. Seasoning: Spicy Stew Base, Refined Salt, Refined Sugar, Shiitake Mushroom Flavor Powder, Yeast Extract, Vegetable Soy Sauce Powder, Seasoning Base S, Green Pepper Seasoning Powder, Stir-fried Seasoning Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Red Pepper Powder, Spicy Powder, Palm Oil, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Creamer, Flavor Enhancer, Garlic Flavor Oil, Paprika Extract, DL-Apple Acid, Caramel Powder (Caramel Color, Maltodextrin), Dried Chives Flake, Dried Green Onion Flake, Seasoned Beef Flavor Flake, Ham Flavor Flake, Dried Carrot Flake, Dried Cabbage Flake.

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    Samyang Original Ramyeon Pack 120gx5ea/ 삼양라면 오리지널 멀티 120gx5개입

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