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    Lotte Binch Kiri Cheese 102g/롯데 빈츠 끼리 크림치즈 102g

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    "Experience the Best Korean Grocery Online Shopping in Singapore with!"

    Key Information

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    Product Features


    Introducing the limited edition Bisco x Cream Cheese collaboration brought to you by Lotte Well Food, where the rich flavor of creamy cheese meets the nutty crunch of beans. Kirri Cream Cheese, boasting over 50 years of expertise and heritage from France, delivers a smooth and pure cheese taste. Using only the finest ingredients, we've crafted a delightful sweet biscuit by combining the richness of Kirri Cream Cheese with the savory crunch of Lotte Well Food's beans. These crispy biscuits paired with creamy cheese are a favorite snack even among children. Conveniently packaged for easy enjoyment, they make the perfect office snack.

    Manufacturer & Country/Place of Origin

    Lotte/ South Korea

    Nutrition Fact

    • Total content: 102g (8.5g × 12 packs)

    • Calories per pack (8.5g): 45 kcal

    • Daily Nutritional Value per pack (8.5g):

      • Sodium: 15 mg (1%)
      • Carbohydrates: 5g
        • Sugars: 3g
      • Fat: 2.5g
        • Saturated Fat: 1.5g (10%)
        • Trans Fat: Less than 0.5g
      • Protein: Less than 1g
      • Cholesterol: Less than 2mg (0%)


    Main Ingredients

    1. Rice (Foreign)
    2. Vegetable oil (Malaysian)
    3. Sugar
    4. Modified starch
    5. Glutinous corn starch (USA)
    6. Corn syrup
    7. Mixed soy sauce
    8. Brewed soy sauce
    9. Chicken bulgogi sauce
    10. Whole wheat protein
    11. Refined salt
    12. Starch
    13. Red pepper paste
    14. Onion powder
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    Lotte Binch Kiri Cheese 102g/롯데 빈츠 끼리 크림치즈 102g

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