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(Bundle of 24) Pororo Drink – 뽀로로 음료 235ml (6 Flavors)


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Pororo Strawberry 뽀로로(딸기) 235ml x 24

Pororo Blueberry 뽀로로 (블루베리) 235ml x 24

Pororo Milk 뽀로로(밀크) 235ml x 24

Pororo Banana 뽀로로(바나나) 235ml x 24

Pororo Apple 뽀로로(사과) 235ml x 24

Pororo Barley Tea 뽀로로보리차  220ml x 24

* The product packaging is subjected to change by the manufacturer


Strawberry, Blueberry, Milk, Banana, Apple, Barley Tea


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